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Program Renaissance

Discover how to make the quantum leap and create the earth-based family lifestyle you deserve.
Did you arrive on this page because you are looking for ideas, tips, support to create a better life for you and your family ?
Do you feel trapped in your current life and lifestyle because of the responsability of a family, because of the urge of an income to support its needs?
Do you feel frustrations for not having enough time for yourself, for your loved ones, because of a job or a business sucking you in another side?
Do you feel not living your best life as a family, because of many tensions, insatisfactions, internal conflicts?
When we understand the disbalances of modern lifestyle that impact negativiely our family, we can decide to make changes for the better.
Pandemic and lockdowns shaked the pilars of modern society and economy, forcing many families live locked in their home for months without any income. 
This challenging time was an opportunity to realize what is not going round, what is not safe in this life and lifestyle.
That's why many people are now looking for a way to transform their old life into a more secure one, a more fulfilling one.
If it's your case, the Renaissance program is for you.
It will open new possibilities for your family, helping you shift of mindset and take action, founding your life not anymore on money earning but on earth-based living.
Earth-based living
Are you ready to discover a way to change your current situation, to learn how to start and which steps to follow, to move out of he box and create the earth-based family lifestyle you deserve ?
You may have noted that life is all about struggling, that you have to fight to make you and your family survive.
But in reality, we are all born to strive. If it's not the case, it's because the context we are evolving in has not been designed for that.
In the modern world, life has been organized around making a contribution to the society, to get reward through money that will give us access to all sort of products and services accessible with that money. It's a convenient game. 
But when we start a family, we realize there are things that can not be purchased, like the smile of a child, the time spent in couple intimacy, the joy of a family adventure... 
At that moment starts this tuggling between what the world ask from us to get money and what our new little world, our family, needs from us: creating the best context to strive.
As a family, you need 3 ingredients to thrive and be a blessing for the world.
1. A family land & home
Angelica, our Sanctuary of Nature
It will be the place of your family anchoring, the point of your common connection to the Planet, your place for gathering and celebrating your beautiful family.
2. Liberating parenting principles
true activity with children
They will be the principles you can apply in your family to set you and your children free to be yourselves and that way bring the best of all of you to the World. 
3. Unique & fullfiling contributions to the world 
live a fullfiling life
They will be your family gifts to the world, your contribution to its realignment with the divine plan for humanity.
These are the 3 attributes I invite you to appropriate yourself with my support.
Renaissance is a motivational - transformational program which has been created 
- to give you the courage to move outside of a socio-economical framework that is not serving you as a family, and
 - to guide you step by step, so that you can become the creator of the earth-based family lifestyle you deserve.
It's a 3 step transformational process called the DRY Process, to dry your tears for not living currently your dream family life. D stands for Deconditioning, R for Reprogramming and Y for Yearning.
In the 1st step, Deconditioning, you will learn how to decondition from cultural beliefs, behaviors and frameworks that are not aligned with the divine plan, for you and your family.
In the 2nd step, Reprogramming, you will learn how to reprogram your mind and make decisions, so that you can become the author of your destiny.
And in the 3rd step, Yearning, you will learn how to learn from life itself, course-correcting your path, to match more and more your intention with the divine purpose you can feel within you.
Each step includes 3 modules of teachings, questions and personal work guiding you to progress in the desired transformation.
A workbook will be your roadmap all along the program.
Renaissance Workbook
You will also get personal advice from me after filling in the Renaissance Project Form.
By applying the successive steps of the Renaissance program, you can expect create the right context to strive as a family :
- own your little family Garden of Eden, your Sanctuary of Nature that connect you to the Planet and support your family on its journey in this World
- find Inner Peace and true Money Freedom (the limitation of its need for survival), enjoy the priceless value of inspiring free time, pure (filtered) air, vital (structured) water, available field to grow organic food, save space for wild life, express your creativity, do exercise...
- understand the keys of optimal health for kids (mother Earth support)
- be on the right path to heal yourself, find your soul purpose and grow spiritualy
- be the master of your time to create a balance between family life and professional live
- find more consistency in your contribution to the World, and more income as offering what you are here for, what the world waits from you: your uniqueness.
water connection
You can offer a Renaissance to your family right now.

1. Renaissance is my Signature Program, the core of what life taught me through 25 years of dedication to parenting. I know how to do this Renaissance, because I did it with my own family.
Our eleven children have grown now, letting me free to share this vital transformation to the World.
It's my mission to do so, by Human Design, according to my date of birth (Right Angle Cross of the Spinx).
2. Renaissance is the mean I found for my family, to definitely solve the tuggling between professional life and family life, to set me free contribute to society the way I feel called for, and raise our children the way they deserve, so that they can express their full potential... facing now the disbalances of the world.
My credentials are my own earth-based lifestyle, and who became our children through 🐬 The Parenting Revolution.
live your life from the soul
3. Renaissance is my contribution to Heal the World from a disbalance culture. It's an healing process destinated to families as it's there that any society starts.
With Renaissance you can leave the american dream of personal success within the framework of the money game supported by current modern socio-economical structure / Culture, to embrace the soul dream of being authentically you within the framework of the life game... supported by Nature.
It creates a different World, not designed anymore from the top, the powerfuls, mindpower & high tech... but from the center, from the core of being a Human, from our individual uniqueness & unique connection to the Creator / God / Source within us.
This New World is a MasterPuzzle of God, a piece of art in which any of us is worthy. 
I understood that with my scientific mind and the spirit of a philosopher, always seeking for wisdom to make of this world a better place to live.
"Be the change you wish to see in the World".
                                                     - Gandhi -
I decided to apply this principle. That's why I walked this transformational path with my own family and offer support now to other families to do the same through the Renaissance program.
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
                                                     - Nelson Mandela -

My mission is to bringing Peace on the Planet through Dolphine-the-parenting-revolution The Parenting Revolution.
There is a MasterPuzzle behind Humanity, an harmonious World to unfold, everyone playing its role in this infinite expression of the richness of life on our Planet.
The optimal forms emerge only when the optimal conditions are present. 
That was first the duty of Nature to create them until humanity appears then evolves.
After childhood and teenage time, mankind is now entering adulthood, with its responsability, for our Blue Planet and for our unified World. 
Time has come to offer to everyone on planet Earth the right context to live a fulfilling life.
In the eternal breath of civilizations, we arrive at the time of a new exhale, of a great expansion on territories. It follows the last inhale, the contraction / concentration in big cities / megalopoles. 
In this reencounter with the land, we can bring with us the best of modernity for our confort and interconnectivity, becoming now open to the healing and teaching virtues of Nature / Mother Earth, to foster the emergence of a wise civilization.
As families are the base units of any society, it's there that culture can deeply evolve.
But to do so, they need to breath fresh "air" (thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, ... ) from outside of society (outside of schools, mainstream medias), to be inspired from the spiritual realms and from the kingdoms of Nature.
This is what I understood and applied in my own family when realizing that the global issues we were facing were a matter of lifestyle.
It made us leave the modern world in 2005, and start a family Quest of our Promised Land. 
This is the same journey I invite you to follow now with your own family, to become part of 🐬 The Parenting Revolution, of the realignment of the world with the divine plan for humanity, contributing to its Renaissance as an earth-based civilization.


2023 - The Parenting Revolution