The Renaissance of humanity

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The Renaissance of humanity
Renaissance, the Gift of Natural Education to Humanity is my 6th book, the culmination of my life work in parenting.
Life leaded me to welcome eleven children. They are born sleeping in our couple intimacy and raised close to Nature. It allowed them to express their own nature from early age, living driven by their inner call, the reason why they are here on this planet.
Following our hearts and the love we have for our children, we questioned our life and lifestyle. It made us change them in the name of our children. We soon adopted some principles of education. They form what I call now Natural Education.
It leaded us parents to change of actitude. We started learning from our children, course correcting our life choices until they manifest good health and a purposefull life: doing their business all day long. I call it 🐬 The Parenting Revolution.
What needs to be fixed is not children issues: their are symptoms of a sick society. It’s even not the relationship with our children that is in question. It’s the CONTEXT in which they evolve, the context in which they do their best to survive and thrive.
Some people will tell you that obstacles forge the character. They make you strong.
But look in Nature. Does the wind help a tree to grow straight and strong to bear fruits in abundance? Does a hot and dry climate helps? Or an iced and dry one? Hight altitude with low oxygen and pressure? NO. Look at Nature. Where do we found the most beautiful paradisiacal places? At the sea level, where pure water is abundant and the climate is stable, wherever some inspired people created Gardens of Eden. Gardens are like children, and children are like gardens.
Raise your children as if they were gardens you want to make blooming. It will make you participate in the Renaissance of humanity.
What is a Renaissance? It’s a cultural shift, characterized by a social peace, an increased creativity and a global prosperity.
It’s time to propagate the Renaissance of Humanity, its New Cultural Golden Age.
Join us.
Add to your modern culture what is missing: the naturalization of the children, their conscious integration in the living world, the biosphere.
Become part of 🐬 The Parenting Revolution, educate your children as empowered world citizens and passionate earth keepers.

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