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The Parenting Revolution is an urgent necessity identified by Christophe Ranque through his journey in parenting, facing on one side modern world socio-cultural offer in matter of education and on another side his highly sensitive feelings, intuition and trust in life that made him take decisions to serve life first, unconditionally supported by his wife in this choices.

The Parenting Revolution is emblematically represented by dolphins, this close-to-human mammels able to go with the flow, with the flow of life. They are an inspiration for mankind, enable yet to create an healthy civilization, harmoniously integrated in the biosphere.

Technologies are still disturbing vital geoprocesses, like water cycle or carbon cycle. Health issues are invading modern societies at the same speed than environmental issues emerge.

To fix that global health issues, Christophe understood that humanity needs to change of lifestyle and that the power of change resides in every family.

He developed the vision of an healthy world in the form of a Social Body in which every cell, the people, play their natural role, by divine design... like dolphins play their role of dolphins in the order of Creation.

Coming back to an healthy lifestyle close to Nature gives birth to healthy little people, ready to live their meant life from early age if raised in the right cultural context.This is the conclusion of his family experience.

Christophe gives himself now the mission to share this insights with the world.

About Christophe Ranque Christophe Ranque

Author - Thought Leader - Way shower

Christophe J. A. Ranque is a Writer and Thought Leader, on a mission to bring Peace on this Planet.

He has devoted his life to understanding human nature and respecting it all along the process of education.

It leaded him to welcome and raise eleven children close to nature and their own nature, becoming the change he wanted to see at the core of the social structure that is the family.

After 25 years dedicated to parenting, he shares his insights and offers his support to the world, leading Dolphine-the-parenting-revolution The Parenting Revolution movement.

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