Bringing Peace on this PlanetThe Parenting Revolution
  When mankind will have adopted Natural Education to raise children,
people will have find the path of Peace in the World
and Harmony with the Planet and the rest of Creation.

  Christophe J. A. Ranque

french    Introduction à l'éducation naturelle

english    Renaissance    Renaissance W+    The Parenting Revolution

french Introduction à l'éducation naturelle

Vous cherchez des repères simples pour vivre la parentalité de manière comblante pour votre enfant et satisfaisante pour vous-même en tant que parent?
Cette formation en ligne est faite pour vous.

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english Renaissance

Are you looking for ideas, tips, support to create a better life for you and your family ? Are you ready to make a big change for that ... and create the earth-based family lifestyle you deserve?

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english Renaissance W+

A supportive program for wealthy people who embarked on the powerful venture to run a family.
This program is designed for parents who already achieved financial freedom, through a career, inheritance, God's will... and are seeking for support from expert in parenting.
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english Parenting the New World

A full program to become part of  The Parenting Revolution – Learning from life

    SOON on Humanity’s Team Stream+ platform, in French, English and Spanish

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