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Vivre Naturellement et Paisiblement
Vivir Natural y Apaciblemente

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Living Naturally and Peacefully

Renaissance, the Gift of Natural Education to Humanity

the Gift of Natural Education to Humanity

The awareness that will save the Planet

Are we smarter than our distant cousins the dinosaurs? Will we end like them, with the extinction of our species ? The time is right to instill the cultural and lifestyle shifts we need so that all life can thrive on our Planet.
We all want the best life for our children. So I do.
Raising eleven kids from the heart leaded me to discover and overcome the missing link in modern education: the naturalization of children.
Before belonging to society, we belong to Nature. Nature has its own laws and children need to learn how to live while respecting them. This is the wisdom I share about in this book.
"Renaissance, the Gift of Natural Education to Humanity" is designed to help you understand the shift in mindset needed, and choose the actions you can take to incorporate more Nature in your family Culture.


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"You share a valuable experience, validated and whose results are visible. This is quite unusual in pedagogical literature. In this time of civilizational crisis, your pioneering contributions can be very inspiring to those who are looking for ways out of the current impasse."
Javier Medina (translated from spanish)

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david johnstonReview Renaissance book

Review Renaissance Book

Review Renaissance book

Review Renaissance bookReview Reniassance book

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